Why Ren-Par?

REN-PAR follows a special mission, aims to provide high quality spare parts to its customers worldwide, has shaped all its corporate activities in order to fulfill its mission in the best way in accordance with its leadership positions.

The highest goals within REN-PAR have become the daily motivation and customer satisfaction, demands and expectations are used as testing tools. With its excellent product quality, exemplary service, price stability, reliability, speed, transparency and high delivery loyalty, it is determined to carry its position and reputation in the market to the future.

REN-PAR stating that its biggest capital is its employees, therefore it creates working conditions that generate excellent performances, support constructive and creative sharing. However, with the belief that an innovation environment that can support the development and guarantee the fundamentals of economic success in the future, the Company also attaches importance to the relations with the suppliers, as an important stage of customer satisfaction, and pays attention to their relations.

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